Timeshare Travel Discounts Without the Ownership

I have just returned from a great holiday on the white sand beaches of Hilton Head Island, SC. Hilton Head is one of the premier vacation destinations of the southeast; offering wide, sandy beaches and first class golfing. Many timeshare owners vacation on Hilton Head and other tropical hotspots, but most won’t get a one bedroom condo with a full kitchen, on or near the ocean for $398. Instead of timeshare ownership, there is another option that allows for travel discounts to the beaches and golfing areas.Membership in a luxury travel club with an international renown company allows its members to stay at global luxury resorts, worldwide for $298-798 per week for a one or two bedroom condo. These fully equipped, high-end condos are discounted by the travel club and offer luxury timeshare resorts without having to own and without the fees. A one time membership fee will allow a family to stay in over 5000 global resorts for 30-90% off the retail price when booked through Travelocity or another travel search engine.A week of golf and beach at discounts not normally available to the general public is a secret worth sharing. No need to own a timeshare with the annual fees to receive rates like $199 per week. It doesn’t stop there, belonging to a discount travel club allows members to receive discounted prices on cruises, airfare and more. The most impressive part of a membership is that you pay only a one time fee and there are never any monthly or annual fees to retain the membership. Lifetime travel memberships offer extraordinary accommodations in condos, luxury cruises and more to its members in high end properties worldwide. Most people pay tens of thousands of dollars to own a timeshare, so that they may travel to these destinations. These timeshares come with blackout dates and annual maintenance fees and usually are very difficult to book and use.With a global travel membership [joingrnnow.com] you can simply log into the search engine and look for vacation condos, cruises and air from the convenience of your computer. Once you find your resort for the discount price you book and pay right to the club. Membership never leaves its members wondering if they got the best price. The members interviewed for this article are most excited about being able to travel on more than one holiday because of the huge savings. Many members are so satisfied with the discounts that they become affiliates by referring members and work from home earning 6 figure incomes. This membership has helped thousands of families afford vacations across the globe.

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